We Give You Access to Exclusive Blue-Chip
Art Investment Opportunities

Benefit from attractive historical financial returns and low correlation with traditional asset classes
Learn and get inspired by our cultural education through art market reporting, interviews, events & exhibitions

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How It Works

  • We build portfolio strategies

    We create strategies for portfolios that contain 4-6 artworks and are organized (1) by theme, reflecting trends within the art market and (2) by different levels of implied financial risk / return metrics

    You browse our opportunities and identify your preferred investment strategy based on theme and risk / return profile

  • We select the artists

    We use our analytical tools and deep market knowledge to select the artists with the most promising long-term, risk-adjusted financial returns for any given portfolio strategy

    You select the portfolio strategy that speaks to your interests and financial expectations

  • We source the artworks

    We tap into our large network of art market professionals and collectors to identify, locate and secure the best artworks

    You receive all the information about the selected artworks as part of our ongoing reporting

  • We pro-actively manage
    the artworks

    We pro-actively manage each artwork by ensuring its security & safety, loaning it to cultural institutions and updating its documentation

    You learn about the financial dynamics & cultural elements of the art market as well as the artists / artworks in your portfolio via the Culture Hub and our events & exhibitions

  • We sell the artworks

    We continuously monitor the market to identify the best time and channel to sell each artwork. The estimated average holding period per artwork is between 3-7 years

    You receive the pro rata net sales proceeds after the sale of each artwork

Why Invest with Partasio?

  • Experienced Team

    You can rely on our senior team of highly accomplished art, finance and business professionals with 20+ years of experience each

  • Portfolio Diversification

    You get instant art market diversification by investing into portfolios that generally consist of 4-6 artworks each

  • Analytical Investment Process

    You benefit from our professional investment process, which uses proprietary art market data and sophisticated financial analysis tools to identify the best risk-adjusted return opportunities

  • Thorough Due Diligence

    You benefit from our thorough art market due diligence using public and non-public information as well as our careful risk management processes

  • CHF 30,000 Minimum Investment

    You can access exclusive art investment opportunities with a low minimum investment amount of CHF 30,000

  • SWISS ISIN Number

    You invest using a Swiss ISIN number and a bankable product

  • Cultural Education

    You learn about the art market and the artworks you invest in through our in-depth reports, stimulating talks and interviews

  • Events & Exhibitions

    You become part of the Partasio community by attending our exclusive events and exhibitions